Morning Message of Motivation – The Family of Israel: 5

Morning Message of Motivation

The Family of Israel: 5
Rev Robert Ampiah-Kwofi

Esau had already made a big mistake, but he was hoping to do something to make amends.
Genesis 28:9 NKJV
“So Esau went to Ishmael and took Mahalath the daughter of Ishmael, Abraham’s son, the sister of Nebajoth, to be his wife in addition to the wives he had.”

Instead of Esau going to Padan Aram for a wife, he went for one of Ishmael’s daughters.
He added her to his two Canaanite wives. He complicated the problem instead of solving it.
The wives of the early patriarchs were supposed to come from Abraham’s extended family.
•God’s plan involved women of a particular bloodline.
•God’s plan involved virtuous women, who were chaste, hardworking and hospitable.
•God’s plan involved submissive and devoted women.
Esau missed it in his choice of marriage partners by marrying Canaanites. It proved to be a costly mistake and he couldn’t correct it. Isaac and Rebekah tried to ensure that their son Jacob, would not make the same mistake.
They directed Jacob to go to Abraham’s extended family. It was the divinely approved family for brides for the patriarchs. That family had produced Rebekah. The same family was to provide a wife for Jacob.
Jacob set out for Padan Aram with the voice of his father’s blessings, ringing in his ears.
Although his father had blessed him, Jacob was afraid of Esau. He fled from the house under cover of secrecy, taking only his staff.
Genesis 32:10b NIV
“I had only my staff when I crossed this Jordan, but now I have become two camps.”

Jacob probably took nothing with him because he didn’t want Esau to know he was escaping.
Jacob was blessed spiritually but naturally, he was in a very difficult situation, but God’s grace would be sufficient for him.

May you have grace both to abound and to be abased. May God lift your head above all your enemies. May God anoint you with fresh oil, in Jesus’s name.

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